Sunset in the natural park Delta de l'Ebre in Spain.

Sunset in the natural park Delta de l'Ebre in Spain.

I am a reporter and producer.

I have worked as a writer, editor, video producer, and podcast host for 6 years. I am a correspondent based between New York and Barcelona where I write for a variety of business and travel publications.

Most recently I completed writing Don’t Keep Your Day Job: How to Turn Your Passion Into Your Career (St. Martin’s Press, November 2019) with the host of Apple Podcasts’ #1 “Get Motivated” podcast Cathy Heller.

I began my editorial career as a founding employee of Skift — the travel industry’s largest business news service - where I covered tourism, hospitality, digital innovation, marketing and aviation. As the first reporter of a now 60+ team, I developed our editorial voice, produced daily news articles, identified trends, wrote long-form analysis, interviewed C-level executives and conceptualized or launched several products including Skift's weekly podcast and a video interview series. I also represented the brand at conferences and in media around the world.

Skift is best known for transforming how industries can be covered in an engaging and direct manner for executives and decision-makers. I parsed through data and designed my own research in order to write well-informed but interesting articles and long-form reports. I am well-versed in diving into the details of local government news and connecting the dots to understand its implications worldwide.

I have reported abroad in destinations as diverse as Qatar, Dubai, Spain, Germany, Norway, Italy, Israel, France and Colombia. I have also given live presentations covering strategy and trends to audiences of 100+. My work has appeared on CNN, NBC News, Quartz and the Week. Most recently I produced, directed and wrote a documentary on tourism in Barcelona.

Following Skift, Travel+Leisure handpicked me as the first consumer news editor to work across print and digital platforms. I helped develop Travel+Leisure's nascent news coverage and multimedia initiatives.

However, I craved to get out of an office and see how the news that I was writing about unfolded in cities in real time. For the past three years, I reported and lived in cities and countrysides across Europe, Africa and South America. It’s been fascinating to watch how rapid changes in technology, culture, politics and demographics are shaping the future of humanity. My work appears in a variety of business and consumer publications including Skift, AFAR, Jing Daily and Boardroom Magazine.

Throughout my career,  I’ve also worked with brands whose ethos I admired to assist them in crafting their brand story and better communicating with customers.

I conceptualized and launched a digital platform for a high-end food service called Sakara Life, collaborated on the launch of Environmental Defense Fund’s digital magazine The Fourth Wave, and ran content strategy and wrote industry white papers for technology SaaS platform BookingTek. I collaborated on the launch of industry podcast Travel Is Your Business, consulted with digital creative agency Barbarian Group during their relationship with Etihad Airways, coordinated with influencers on personalized articles for Bose, and launched a multimedia platform empowering girls to own their ambition for Bayer. My branded and editorial work has also appeared on Sojern, MindBodyGreen, MicAPEX Magazine, and GigaOm.

In addition to the most recent book collaboration, I work with established authors and writers throughout the book-writing process. I provide editorial assistance to best-selling author Veronica Chambers, conducted interviews and research for Farai Chideya's book Your Episodic Career (Atria Books, 2016), and edited a personal growth book titled Your Vibrant Life (Balboa Press, 2016).

Kindly find examples of my work, live speaking presentations, video interviews and podcast below.

Digital News

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Speaking Engagements

> The Ad Club's Travel Marketing Event in Boston (April 2015): I presented a case for how alternative travel is changing the travel industry and armed a group of 100+ executives with strategies and practices to adopt to the new reality. Watch the full presentation here. 

> Visit Dubai's Annual Hotelier Breakfast in Dubai (January 2015): I presented Skift's 15 Megatrends Defining Travel in 2015 to a group of 50 of hospitality marketers. 

> Atout France's French Affairs in Las Vegas (October 2014): I spoke alongside photographer Vivienne Gucwa on the evolution of social travel, travelers' sharing habits and how it impacts travel operators. 

> The Skift Forum in New York City (October 2014): I interviewed Visit Florida CEO Will Seccombe and Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau CMO Cathy Tull on the future of destination marketing and development. Watch the full interview here. 

> New York Travel Festival in New York City (April 2014): I spoke on a panel discussion regarding the evolution of the sharing economy. Watch the full interview here.

Documentaries & Video Appearances

> Barcelona and the Trials of 21st Century Tourism [August 2017, via Skift]

New Travelers, New Methods, New Locations [October 2014, via Huffpost Live]

Study Shows Entrepreneurship Likes Men Better [March 2014, via HuffPost Live]


> Travel Is Your Business -- Producer & Host [via Travel Is Your Business]

The Skift Podcast -- Producer & Host [via Skift]

Tech Shift: Mobile Payments and Purchasing Through Social Media [via WBEZ]