Sunset in the natural park Delta de l'Ebre in Spain. 

Sunset in the natural park Delta de l'Ebre in Spain. 

I am a reporter and producer.

I have worked as a freelance reporter, video producer, and podcast host for 6 years. Most recently I produced, directed and wrote a documentary on tourism in Barcelona. I am a correspondent based in Europe where I write for a variety of business and travel publications including Skift, AFAR, Skift Table, Jing Daily and Boardroom Magazine.

Throughout my career, I helped develop Travel+Leisure's nascent news coverage and multimedia initiatives, launched the content strategy for the high-growth health brand Sakara Life, and edited or conducted research for a number of books in genres including personal growth, memoir and non-fiction. I’ve also worked with brands whose ethos I admired to assist them in crafting their brand story and better communicating with customers. I have developed content packages for brands in a variety of sectors including the Environmental Defense Fund, Bose, Bayer, Sojern and MindBodyGreen, as well as written articles for MicAPEX Magazine, and GigaOm.

I began my career as a founding employee of the travel business and intelligence site Skift. For four years, I wrote original content on tourism, hospitality, aviation, marketing and digital innovation. I produced two to four original pieces a day, regularly interviewed industry executives on video, analyzed reports, defined and highlighted trends, and tracked breaking news. My work also appeared on CNN, NBC News, Quartz and the Week. 

I reported from abroad including Qatar, Dubai, Spain, Germany, Norway, Italy, Israel, France and Colombia. I have conceptualized and created several digital products including Skift's weekly podcast. I also gave live presentations covering strategy and trends on behalf of the brand to audiences of 100+.

Kindly find examples of my work, live speaking presentations, video interviews and podcast below.

Digital News

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A Brief History of 'What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas' [via The Week]

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Speaking Engagements

> The Ad Club's Travel Marketing Event in Boston (April 2015): I presented a case for how alternative travel is changing the travel industry and armed a group of 100+ executives with strategies and practices to adopt to the new reality. Watch the full presentation here. 

> Visit Dubai's Annual Hotelier Breakfast in Dubai (January 2015): I presented Skift's 15 Megatrends Defining Travel in 2015 to a group of 50 of hospitality marketers. 

> Atout France's French Affairs in Las Vegas (October 2014): I spoke alongside photographer Vivienne Gucwa on the evolution of social travel, travelers' sharing habits and how it impacts travel operators. 

> The Skift Forum in New York City (October 2014): I interviewed Visit Florida CEO Will Seccombe and Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau CMO Cathy Tull on the future of destination marketing and development. Watch the full interview here. 

> New York Travel Festival in New York City (April 2014): I spoke on a panel discussion regarding the evolution of the sharing economy. Watch the full interview here.

Documentaries & Video Appearances

> Barcelona and the Trials of 21st Century Tourism [August 2017, via Skift]

New Travelers, New Methods, New Locations [October 2014, via Huffpost Live]

Study Shows Entrepreneurship Likes Men Better [March 2014, via HuffPost Live]


> Travel Is Your Business -- Producer & Host [via Travel Is Your Business]

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